Enneagram & Identity Maturation Coaches (Level 2)


Janetta Botha

Email : janettavdv@gmail.com
Location : Cape Town
Scope of Practice : Culture, Team, Leadership and Individual development.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Janetta is a dynamic Industrial Psychologist, who facilitates organisational development and fosters teamwork through learning journeys. She believes that conscious conversation and people processes are the catalyst for change and continued organisational performance. Therefore, supporting people strategy on individual, team and organisational level that through qualitative and quantitative processes uncover potential and hone talent.


Kate Clayton

Cell No. : +27 83 324 5514
Email : kate@expanded.co
Location : Cape Town.
Scope of Practice : Individual and team leadership development,  Culture development and embedding
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Kate is a qualified coach with a background in strategic planning. She helps leaders find purpose and grow the businesses they love. Building clarity, belief and confidence in their culture to deliver growth. Through a combination of individual and team coaching.

Margaretha De Villiers

Margaretha de Villiers

Cell No. : +27833033070
Email : margarethadev@gmail.com
Location : Online, Centurion/Cape Town, South Africa
Scope of Practice : Coaching/Organisation Development
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Empowering people with insight to unlock their infinite potential to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Martha Tzellios

Martha Dimitriou

Cell No. : +27 723833113
Email : martha@incc.co.za
Location : Cape Town, Johannesburg and Online.
Scope of Practice : Leadership and Management Development, Team cohesion
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I have solid experience in balancing the often paradoxical leadership challenges of delivering commercial results whilst developing people.I believe that the skill of great leaders who can harness and synergise people’s strengths,is intangible,but very real. This is where I am equipped to coach and build capacity to develop intrapersonal competence and to manage increasing levels of interpersonal complexity


Lisa Ferraz

Cell No. :
Email :
Location : Cape Town, South Africa.
Scope of Practice : Industrial Psychologist – Organisational Development
Specialisation / Core Focus :

Megan Galloway

Megan Galloway

Cell No. : +27 825773559
Email : megan@thoughtsmiths.com
Website : www.thoughtsmiths.com
Location : Cape Town, South Africa.
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Coach Training, Organisational Development
Specialisation / Core Focus :
“Megan has been coaching, training coaches and facilitating organisational thinking processes for a decade. She has coached individuals in leadership positions in a wide variety of sectors and understands well that a growing maturity is key in navigating successfully through the challenges and opportunities facing us today.”


Savnola Goldridge

Cell No. : +27 83 689 3981
Email : sav@coachsav.co.za
Website : www.coachsav.co.za
Location : Based in Johannesburg. Regional office in Cape Town and Virtual Global Clients
Scope of Practice : Integrated Coach Therapy, Trauma, Family Constellations, Leadership and Team Coaching, Change Management, Traditional Healer
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Sav is ICF Accredited and COMENSA Coach offering more than 10 years/ 3500 hours of experience at all organisational levels (Intern to Group Executive level and Teams across organisations). An Agile Certified Coach, Prosci Change Manager, Family Constellations, Neurolink and Enneagram Trainer and Practitioner and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist.

Gerda Kotze

Gerda Kotze

Cell No. : +27  716792114
Email: gerda@purposely-ignited.com
Website: https://purposely-ignited.com/
Location: Based in Pretoria.
Scope of Practice: Consulting, Coaching, Organisation Development, Facilitation & Training
Specialisation / Core Focus :
High Performance and Resilient Leaders and Teams


Charlene Kushner

Cell No. : +27 7805127311
Email: charlene.kushner@gmail.com
Website: bigstepscoaching.com
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Business, Leadership & Personal Development Coaching

Cherise Nortje

Email : CS.Nortje@gmail.com
Location : Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice : Coaching, facilitation and Organisational Development
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Cherise is an accredited coach and facilitator who works with individuals and teams from SME’s, multinational corporations and academic institutions. Her focus is using the innate wisdom of all the human intelligences for individual, team and leadership development.


Kugan Pillay

Cell No. : +27 73 180 5506
Email : Kugan.pillay@yahoo.com
Website : www.linkedin.com/in/kugan-pillay
Location : Cape Town, South Africa.
Scope of Practice : Organisation Development & Coaching
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Business Process; Organisation Culture Transformation; Leadership
Development; Team and Personal Effectiveness


Lynn September

Email: Lynn.September@westerncape.gov.za
Location: South Africa, Cape Town
Scope of Practice: Industrial Psychologist
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Qualified Industrial Psychologist and facilitator. My current focus is on improving performance and culture within my organisation by developing strategies and interventions, the use of assessments and appropriate methodologies to assist organisations, teams and leaders. My experience is within psychometric assessments, change management, culture and leadership development.

Nicky Profile Pic

Nicky Slow

Cell No. : +27 82567 1199
Email : nicky@leavingalegacy.co.za
Website : www.leavingalegacy.co.za
Location : Waterfall, Midrand, South Africa &  Online.
Scope of Practice : Transformational Coaching, Leadership Development, Corporate Training.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Nicky’s aspiration is to raise the consciousness of leaders across theworld.She does this by helping clients transform whatever isholding them back from being all that they are.She works on a deeplevel to clear sub-conscious patterns, beliefs and behavioral patternsthat sabotage people from accessing their true potential

Elmien solms

Elmien Solms

Cell No. : +27 765384178
Email : facilitateu03@gmail.com
Location : Centurian, Pretoria and Midrand, South Africa &  Online.
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Team Building, Faciliatation .
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Despite the global economic challenges, lock-down and the impact of COVID-19 on people’s morale, the market stays competitive, especially for those with scarce and critical skills. Attrition of these skills continues to pose a challenge therefore retention of talent, upskilling and fast-tracking is a priority. Career growth opportunities, such as Learning and Development, proper succession planning, coaching and mentoring, assist in managing these challenges.


Christo van Staden

Cell No. : +27 768920781
Email : christo@worldsviewacademy.com
Location : Johannesburg & online.
Scope of Practice : OD thinking partner; facilitation, coaching, conversation
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Questions of agency, engagement, participation. Questions of identity, self and other, individual and collective. Questions of individual and collective transformation.

Pete Williams

Pete Williams

Cell No. : +27 721128596
Email : pete@petewilliams.co.za
Website: www.petewilliams.co.za
Location: Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa. Work online and face to face.
Scope of Practice: Executive and Team Coach
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I work with individuals and teams to assist them in moving to the next level.

Chantelle Wyley

Chantelle Wyley

Cell No. : +27 82 6835898
Email : cwyley@baobab-ct.org
Location : Cape Town, South Africa & Berlin ,Germany & Online.
Scope of Practice : Coaching (individuals and teams) & Organisation development .
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Chantelle is a coach, facilitator and trainer with a background in anti-apartheid community capacity building and development project management. Her focus is leadership development using emotional intelligence and the Gestalt approach to organisation / systems development. She specialises in organisational culture change, working with leaders around personal development, diversity, presence and resonance.

Enneagram Coaches(Level 1)

Ilze Alberts

Cell No. :+27 829215800
Email : ilze@ilzealberts.com
Location : Online.
Scope of Practice : Psychologist
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Self-leadership, self-growth, couples counselling, family counselling


Alida Bester

Cell No. :+27 81 277 7970
Email : Alida.L.bester@gmail.com
Location : Potchefstroom, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : Coaching
Specialisation / Core Focus :

Antonette Botes

Antonette Botes

Cell No. :+27 818651764
Email : antonette@veeagroup.com
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Training, Result’s Coaching System™ Certified Coach
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I am a Career and Self-Development coach for young professionals. I believe that you are never too young in your career to start your journey of growth. My approach is built on applied neuroscience and models such as the Enneagram. Areas of focus include transition into the workplace, change of habits, aligning to your values, and career development.

Candice Black

Candice Black

Cell No. :+27 83 225 3735
Email : candice@humanessence.co.za
Website : www.humanessence.co.za
Location : Cape Town, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : Psychometric Assessments and Coaching
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I’m a Registered Psychometrist and Coach and founder of HUMANESSENCE. I work with businesses focusing on Executive and Business/Corporate Coaching, as well as with private clients where I provide Teen Career Guidance, Adult Career Coaching, and Personal Growth/Life Coaching. I believe self-awareness is the most important key to success.

Izaak Coetzee

Izaak Coetzee

Cell No. : +27 81 437 8910
Email : coetzeic@telkom.co.za
Website :
Location : Pretoria, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice : Life Coaching, Leadership development, Enneagram
Specialisation / Core Focus :
With a natural ability to connect and inspire others, Izaak relates easily to people from all walks of life and all levels of experience. He uses his business and leadership experience, NLP and coaching skills in combination with the Enneagram to unlock his clients’ full potential.

Roland Cox

Roland Cox

Cell No. : +27 829347464
Email : roland@aspiral.co.za
Website : www.aspiral.co.za
Location : Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Leadership & Metaskills
Specialisation / Core Focus :
My coaching & leadership work focuses on Execs & Exec Teams, while my work in Meta-skills and future-proofing helps technical experts (mostly CFPs & related) integrate a coaching way into their current field of expertise. I love advancing personal transformation and maturity and the influence thereof on teams and organisations.


Kristen Esquivias

Cell No. :
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA & Online
Scope of Practice: Executive and Leadership Coach
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Co-Active trained coach, Leadership Circle practitioner, Enneagram


Elona Hlatshwayo

Cell No. :+ 27 76 829 7443
Email : elona@bizpreneur.co.za
Website : https://www.bizpreneur.co.za/
Location : Pretoria, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Life and Career Coaching, Team Development.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Elona Hlatshwayo (PhD Cand. Wits) (Master Coach, ABCCCP) & Registered Coach, COMENSA. Elona’s qualifications are paired with over 15 years of developing and supporting business executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs across all business sectors. She believes in purpose, planning and legacy building and she actively supports business leaders, executives, and professionals to achieve their goals and grow their legacy.


Thembi Kgengwenyane

Cell No. :+27 73 988 8932
Email : thembi@the-heartspace.co.za
Website : www.theheartspace.co.za
Location : Cape Town, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : Coaching and Organisational Development
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Thembi Kgengwenyane is the founder and owner of The Heart Space HR Consulting and has extensive experience in the fields of organizational excellence, change, transformation, and strategic facilitation, she specializes in Diversity and Inclusion and Team coaching. She is an experienced systems Psychodynamic consultant/coach/facilitator. Her educational background is Honours Industrial psychology . She is certified Analytical network coach and Enneagram practitioner.


Jenny Krasny

Cell No. :+61 427881547
Email : krasny_jenny@cat.com
Website :
Location : Brisbane, Australia and Online.
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Team Development, Organisational Development and Culture Change
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Organisational Psychologist focused on helping people achieve things they never thought possible.

Shelley Lewin

Shelley Lewin

Email : shelley@tracoaching.com
Website : www.tracoaching.com
Location : Cape Town, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : SACAP Counsellor, ICF PCC Coach, Facilitator, Educator.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Personal and Professional Relationship Development and Transformation.
I specialise in developing people, relationships and leaders.

Kim Mussman

Kim Mussman

Email : kim@rewiredsa.co.za
Location : Somerset West, South African and online
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Facilitation, Training, Consulting, Neurozone® High Performance Coach, Enneagram Practitioner
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I facilitate growth in individuals and teams using a holistic approach informed by applied neuroscience and models such as the Enneagram. Frequent focus areas include team alignment and collaboration, Leadership development, preventing burnout and enabling thriving, wellbeing for performance, navigating conflict, enhancing human interactions, and the people aspects of change.

Andrea Ptersen

Andrea Petersen

Email : andz.petersen@gmail.com
Location : Cape Town, South Africa  and Online.
Scope of Practice : Individual & Enneagram led coaching, Project management in OD/startups & SMEs
Specialisation / Core Focus :
I’ve worked in the start-up, social impact and education space for the past 8 years, and have an interest in and affinity for supporting young professionals and entrepreneurs as they navigate their careers, self-development and contribution to society.


Kinga Szilagyi

Cell No. : +27 799134934
Email : Innerluminescence.kinga@gmail.com
Website : www.innerluminescence.com
Location :  Johannesburg, South Africa and online (Hungarian facilitation and sessions available)
Scope of Practice : Coaching, Systemic and Family Constellation, EQ Practitioner,  Integrative Emotional Development, Counseling, Art Therapy, Laughter Therapy
Specialisation / Core Focus :
In the heart of my work lies the acceptance of the fact that who we are is not the same as what has happened to us or our family. In the process to facilitate the opening of long-forgotten resources in my client’s life.


Helen Tonetti

Cell No. : +27 82 338 7148
Email : helen@humantoolbox.co.za
Website : humantoolbox.co.za
Location : Johannesburg Office & Online (Skype : helen.tonetti)
Scope of Practice : Helen Tonetti is an HR specialist with over 20  years’ experience in HR management. Her career started in a financial services environment then moved into an engineering/manufacturing environment and finally into a consultancy services environment. Her substantial cross-industry knowledge ensures HR challenges facing South African businesses are overcome. She is an accredited Gallup strengths coach, Enneagram coach assessor, moderator and skills development facilitator for numerous SETA’s.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Helen Tonetti offers an arrange of HR consulting services.  Our network of associate HR practitioners ensure we meet your business requirements.   Individual and team coaching interventions to build winning teams.
  • HR Audits examine policies, documentation, systems and practises and to improve the quality and contributions of the HR functions.
  • Industrial Relations
  • Workplace Skills Plan and Workplace Planning
  • Skills Audits
  • Performance Management
  • Salary Benchmarking Surveys
  • Job Grading
  • Organisational design
  • On Boarding and Induction
  • Motivation & Retention
  • Occupational Health and Safety Audit and Implementation Plans


Lila Ukabhai

Email : lila.ukabhai@gmail.com
Location : Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice : Leadership Embodiment Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Lila draws on mindfulness-based and leadership embodiment approaches and practices to help people recognize the beginning of stress’s hold on their life and how it is possible to shift to a more centered, resourceful state of mind and body. Lila’s 25-plus years of experience in Banking and Insurance has given her deep insights into the workplace challenges people face. She has coached Business owners, Teachers, Leaders, CEOs, Managers and IT professionals.

Tessa Whyatt

Email : tessawhyatt@gmail.com
Website : www.tessa.co.za  &  www.thriveleadership.co.za
Location : Cape Town, South Africa & Via Zoom
Scope of Practice : Therapeutic Coach, Art Psychotherapist, Time To Think Coach and Facilitator, Leadership and Management Coach, Resilience Coach, Enneagram Coach.
Specialisation / Core Focus :
Tessa combines an unusual set of talents and experience, with a vast toolbox. She has a gentle, multi-modal approach that looks at issues from different angles. Tessa works with teenagers and adults to strengthen resilience and ‘Leadership from within’. Through deep investigation, she helps people overcome blocks to reaching their potential.