What is Midlife?

By Mary Ovenstone How much consideration have you given to Midlife—your own or your clients’? Probably not much, and yet experience it you will for the twenty years between 40 and 60—like it or [...]

Biko for White People

At Aephoria Partners we use the work of Steve Biko in our leadership development processes and are often asked by participants: what relevance does Biko have for white people – did he not say that white people have no role to play in the struggle – was he not racist? Well, here is one very simple answer to this question based on my interpretation of his work.

Absent fathers – Always present

Some of us had absent fathers or absent mothers. The migrant labour system, long hours at work, Apartheid Separate Development, the shifting of traditional cultural norms, addictions and violence have meant that many of us grew up with an absent father/authority figure or one that was unpredictably present in our lives.

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