Working with Neurodiversity There has been a lot in the press around companies hiring neurodiverse staff particularly those on the spectrum, with dyslexia or ADD. Here are some great articles about hiring neurodiverse people [...]

Online Environment

Supporting clients to work in an online environment We have all noticed the benefits of working in an online environment; convenience, cost, and global reach. However, we are noticing a lot of anxiety and [...]


Performance coaching versus coaching that aims to build the inner world of the client. Coaching seems to straddle the world of supporting performance and enabling people’s lives more fully. These two goals may sometimes [...]


The wave of uncertainty, complexity, and change is here to stay and this means that we need to speed up our learning so that we can respond to the world as it is now, [...]


There is a lot of fascinating work being done by Thomas Hubl on collective trauma. His website is included below and it is worth your while to check out his books especially Healing Collective Trauma: [...]

Getting Vertical

Vertical development is another term for adult development. Horizontal typologies such as the enneagram, MBTi and others are still very popular,  but the real star waiting in the wings is adult or vertical development. [...]

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